Moving Blocks

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You can move or change the position of a block by three different methods within the editor: via Move Handles, Drag & Drop, or using the “Move To” option in the more options (three-dot menu).

Move Handles

On selecting a block, up and down arrow icons will appear.

If you placed your toolbar in the header then up and down arrow icons will appear in the header.

The up and down arrow icons can be used to shift a block up and down in your document.

Drag & Drop

Blocks can be dragged by clicking and holding the handle in the block’s toolbar. The blue separator line indicates where the block will be placed. Release the left mouse button when you find the place to which to move the block.

Currently, drag and drop for a block is not possible if you placed your toolbar in the header.

Using the “Move To” Option

You can select the“Move To” option in more optionsto move a block up and down.

To select the “Move To”option:

  1. In the toolbar, click on the three dots to get more options.
  2. In more options, click on the “Move To”option.

If you placed your toolbar in the header, you can select the “Move To” option from there also using the same process.

On selecting the “Move To” option, you will get a blue separator line inside your content, you can then use the arrows to move that line up and down to where you want the selected content to be moved to. 

Press return/enter on your keyboard to move the block to that position.


  • Created 2020-08-20